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The Hawks | A Lacasa, Inc. Development | Goshen, Indiana

A live-work residential community

About The Hawks

The Hawks, built in 1870, is a former furniture factory along the historic Mill Race canal in Goshen, Indiana. On April 2015, The Hawks became home to 35 sunny one-and two-bedroom loft apartments.

The Hawks is a live/work community designed for artists and entrepreneurs with space to work, live and entertain.

The Residents

Meet some of the folks living at The Hawks

Logan Komon

Logan Komon


Before moving here into the Hawks building 3 years ago I had only shared my finished art with a select few. I started displaying my art, participating in art shows and was able to turn a room in my apartment into my own personal studio which was incredibly encouraging! I now run two businesses and am continuing to grow my clientele for both my art as well as K9-5.


Kayci Detweiler

Kayci Detweiler


My ‘day job’ is graphic design and marketing, but my passion has always been to create with my hands. I love to create jewelry, paint, make cards, knit, and more. Making things beautiful is the center of all that I do.

See current work on my site
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Susan Lanning

Susan Lanning

Jewelry Maker

I love to create beautiful things that sparkle. Making jewelry is a form of meditation for me. I am focused and happy in that time I allow creativity to flow. Creating is a Soul thing for me and an expression of what I love.

Sadie Misiuk

Sadie Misiuk


I’m a studio potter that makes utilitarian ware. Everything I make is either fired in a wood kiln with the community of potters around Goshen or fired in an electric kiln to create a range of selection for the consumer.

See current work on my Etsy site

The Hawks | A LaCasa Project