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The Hawks | A LaCasa, Inc. Development | Goshen, Indiana

A live-work residential community

About The Hawks

The Hawks, built in 1870, is a former furniture factory along the historic Mill Race canal in Goshen, Indiana. In April 2015, it became home to 35 sunny one-and two-bedroom loft apartments.

The Hawks is a live/work community designed for artists and entrepreneurs with space to work, live and entertain.

Project Overview

The Hawks is a unique development designed to accomplish multiple outcomes. Renovation of the building preserves an example of Goshen’s history, the remaining example of the factory buildings that once lined the hydraulic canal.

It is also the first significant investment in the Goshen Redevelopment Commission’s ambitious master plan to bring new life to an under-utilized brownfield.

A first for the State of Indiana, this development uses affordable housing funds to create a residential community for artists and entrepreneurs.

Estimated Project Cost
$7 million

Ratio Architecture

General Contractor
DJ Construction

Development Partners
City of Goshen
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis
Great Lakes Capital
Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
Lake City Bank
Neighborhood Development Associates
NeighborWorks America


Who is LaCasa, Inc.?

LaCasa, Inc. is the developer of The Hawks. LaCasa is a nonprofit housing agency, with programs to help clients achieve financial stability, find a new home, prevent foreclosure, find affordable rentals, get home repair assistance, immigration counseling, and neighborhood engagement. LaCasa believes that every family deserves safe affordable housing! Learn more at lacasainc.net.

How do I get on the list?

Read through the information on the Do I Qualify? page to learn about rental guidelines at The Hawks. You can download an application on the Apply Now page.

Still have questions? You can call
The Hawks Residential Leasing Manager, Drew Perkins at (574) 537-1896.

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What's the pet policy?

Pets are not allowed in our multi-loft facility.

Do you have to be an artist or entrepreneur to live at The Hawks?

Anyone who qualifies for affordable housing may apply to live at The Hawks; but, we give preference to applicants who participate in and are committed to arts and/or entrepreneurship.

Applicants do not have to earn their income from their art or business idea.

How do you determine who is an artist/entrepreneur?

An artist or entrepreneur is a person meeting any of the following definitions:

  • A person who works or is skilled in any of the fine arts, including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, book art and print-making.
  • A person who creates imaginative works of aesthetic literature, costume design, photography, music composition and architecture.
  • A person who creates functional art, including but not limited to jewelry, rugs, decorative screens and grates, furniture, pottery, toys and quilts.
  • A performer, including but not limited to singers, musicians, dancers, actor and performance artists.
  • A person who practices a trade or handicraft.
  • A person who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise involving the employment of no more than three persons.

Note: Each unit has to have at least one practicing artist or entrepreneur. Non-artist family members or roommates are welcome.

What is a live/work community?

A live/work community is a residential building in which each unit has extra space (100 to 150 square feet) that the artist/entrepreneur can use as a working space. Live/work units at The Hawks have extra high ceilings, large windows, durable surfaces and wide doorways. Our lofts are designed to accommodate and foster a variety of creative processes. The Hawks also includes common areas such as shared gallery spaces, a meeting room and green space that encourage tenant engagement, cooperation and community involvement.

What K-12 school district is The Hawks in?

Goshen Community Schools offers a quality educational experience, preparing students for a globally competitive world.

  • Chandler Elementary School, grades K – 5
  • Goshen Middle School, Grades 6 – 8
  • Goshen High School, Grades 9 – 12
What happens if my income changes once I am living there?

Once you move in, you do not have to remain below the maximum allowable income. There will be an annual re-certification process which may result in rent adjustments.

Who is on the selection committee?

The five-person committee is comprised of a representative from the City of Goshen Redevelopment Commission, LaCasa staff and community artists/entrepreneurs.

What if I am a full-time college student?

You cannot be a full-time student (12-credit hours) living at The Hawks unless someone living with you is not a full-time student. Exceptions may apply.

Are there handicapped accessible units?

Yes! We have one (1-bedroom) and three (2-bedroom) units that are ADA compliant.

The Hawks | A LaCasa Project